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A Newcomer Challenger Is Arising for Ilhan Omar’s Minnesota’s 5th District Seat

By David J Harris at davidharrisjr.com

Since the midterm election results came in with Ilhan Omar as the winner to be one of Minnesota’s representatives in the national House of Representatives, account after account has been reported that point to her unsuitability for the position she holds.

Here are some excerpts from her website:

Danielle Stella (R) is a special education needs professional launching a campaign to represent Minnesota’s 5th congressional district. She dedicates her life to teaching, supporting, and caring for children with Autism. She is devoted to volunteering her time to supporting numerous healthcare organizations, to include the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, Courage Center, Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Allina Clinics, Aftercare, and Extended Care.
Danielle did not hold prior aspirations to run for political office. However, as a result of the lack of honorable representation for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, she believes it is her duty and privilege to stand up and speak for the forgotten American citizens in the district and throughout the state. She firmly believes that members of Congress are charged with representing every American they were elected serve.
Danielle is a compassionate Minnesotan who remains steadfast with her values and beliefs in the U.S. Constitution, which directly motivates and guides her political positions. She is a staunch supporter of the rights afforded to Americans by the Constitution. She understands the significance of protecting the First and Second Amendment rights and identifies that the U.S. has a mental health concern disguised as a gun control issue. Danielle stands by her conservative values and firmly supports the President of the United States.
Danielle greatly supports the U.S. military, law enforcement, and first responders. She has a heartfelt appreciation for our country’s veterans and believes they deserve the nation’s utmost support beyond the uniform. She works with veterans dealing with PTSD and with citizens in Minnesota’s District 5 with trauma therapy. Danielle also believes that homelessness within the district requires attention and local support.
Danielle is dedicated to working for and respectfully representing every single American in Minnesota’s 5th congressional district – regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or religious or political differences. She trusts the Bill of Rights and fights to ensure that every American’s Constitutional rights remain unimpeded. She hopes to inspire unity within a nation divided. Danielle Stella looks forward to the enthusiastic support from the great citizens of Minnesota during her journey to become their honored representative for the 5th district.

Source: Stella2020

Danielle states clearly her positions on both the First Amendment and Second Amendment, as well as support for veterans and the homeless. She has a pragmatic view on the issue of health care and supports LEGAL immigration efforts by those who wish to become citizens through proper channels.

Since she has devoted much of her professional life to caring for those with Autism and people with other special needs, she is sensitive to the issues surrounding mental health, and the one REAL biggie is that she is pro-life! She speaks to the lie that has been perpetrated on the women of our country that Abortion is Health Care – when it couldn’t be further from the truth!

If you happen to be a Minnesotan or know one, we strongly encourage you to get acquainted with Danielle Stella, help her get elected and oust Ilhan Omar once and for all.