meet danielle

Danielle Stella is an America-First, Conservative special education professional running for Congress as a republican in Minnesota’s Fifth District. Danielle has dedicated her life to teaching, supporting, and caring for children with Autism. She's also passionate about and devoted to helping numerous healthcare organizations through volunteer work, including the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, Courage Center, Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Allina Clinics, Aftercare, and Extended Care. An ardent Christian, Danielle strives to raise her daughter properly in the eyes of the Lord, not in the eyes of Big Brother. Danielle knows the line in the sand has been drawn. The time for choosing has come and the choice couldn’t be clearer. Danielle will NOT surrender our border, our culture, or our rights as American citizens to immigrants, establishment politicians or the global corporations pandering to them. The time has come to put America First. My Positions America First Danielle is running for Congress to preserve our American heritage, culture and institutions. The political establishment, eager to line their own pockets, have sold our God-given and constitutional rights away in order to push the globalist agenda of multi-national corporations and banking cartels. It’s time to stop sending foreign aid to terror-friendly nations before taking care of our own veterans. It’s time to stop incentivizing tech companies to hire foreigners over our own college graduates through the H-1B visa program. Danielle will fight to ensure the interests of the American people are always put first. Immigration Immigration is the most important issue of our time. The political elites give lip service to abstract solutions on immigration during campaign season, only to table the issue once re-elected. The truth is that Democrats need the immigrant vote and the GOP establishment love the immigrant cheap labor. This applies to both legal and illegal immigration. Illegal immigration and refugee resettlement threaten America’s security, economy and culture. It’s time for a HARD STOP on illegal immigration by turning illegals over to ICE for them to be arrested and/or deported. “Sanctuary cities” harboring illegals are committing a crime and their elected officials should be punished accordingly. No open borders. No amnesty. No DACA. No globalism. America is also now importing another ONE MILLION legal immigrants every year through birthright citizenship, chain migration policies and massive abuse of visa programs, like H-1B and the F-1 optimal training program. It’s imperative for congress to secure our border with a big beautiful wall and enact policies that favor American workers and preserve American culture. Until such a time, Danielle calls for FULL 7-10-year moratorium on ALL immigration; only allowing migrants in to replace migrants that have left; keeping yearly immigration numbers at a net of zero. It’s time to put American citizens first. Period. Right to Bear Arms The Second Amendment is crystal clear. "A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." The Second Amendment was written to protect the citizens of the state from the government. The intent was not about the right to hunt or self-protection. The intention was to "ensure the security of a Free State." Should our government become tyrannical, the citizens should be allowed to defend themselves. I firmly believe in that notion. I also firmly believe in American's right to protect themselves and the ones they love. Various Democrats call for the disarming of all law-abiding Americans. Criminals, by definition, will obtain and retain any weapon they choose regardless and in spite of the law. Democrats fail to realize that fact, or they choose to ignore it, either path is without wisdom. Democrats and the mainstream media also quickly politicize mass shootings, forwarding their agenda. They completely ignore the real issue: we have a mental health problem disguised as a gun-control issue. Mental Health As an educator who works with special needs children, I fully understand that some individuals require additional care, understanding, and counseling. I have dedicated my life to do my best to help affect positive change in children’s lives. It is a privilege and honor to do so. As a nation, we are not doing our best to address mental health, which contributes to misguided or criminal actions, homelessness, and senseless shootings. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), nearly one in five adults living in the U.S. live with mental illness. As of June 18th, 16:45 UTC, the U.S. population is 329,083,287 million. That means that there are approximately 65.8 million adults in the U.S. living with mental illness. Based on data received from National Comorbidity Survey Adolescent Supplement, reports estimated 49.5% of adolescents (ages 13-18) had a mental disorder between 2001 and 2004. That was 15 years ago. As we can imagine, these numbers have increased exponentially. I share these statistics to highlight that our mental health problem across the nation is a crisis that requires more attention. Adolescent or young adults perpetrated the recent mass shootings. The events leading up to these tragedies vary, but the common denominator is mental illness. I intend to do all I can to bring more awareness to our nation’s mental health crisis, which in turn helps keep our schools in Minnesota safer. Pro-Life I spend my days working with children that have special needs, and I know, now more than ever, that every child deserves a chance to thrive. Democrats claim abortion is "healthcare." The original Hippocratic Oath from the Greek Medical text explicitly forbids abortion as a valid practice in medicine, as translated by Michael North, National Library of Medicine, 2002. "I will not give a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked, nor will I advise such a plan; and similarly, I will not give a woman a pessary to cause an abortion." Abortion activist label abortion "healthcare" to scare young women. Elective abortion is not healthcare. The state of Florida records every reason for each abortion performed. The stats are genuinely shocking. In 2018, there were 70,083 abortions in the Sunshine State. Only 4.57% of the abortions performed were because of incest, rape, or life-threatening dangers to the mother or child. I believe choice starts in the bedroom. Choice begins with the responsibility of both individuals involved. I do not support a "reset button" that involves killing and even at times, dismembering a child until death. Homelessness in MN As of January 2018, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) estimated that there are 7,243 homeless Americans in Minnesota (ranked 18th). Within that total, · 301 were veterans (higher than four of our five bordering states) · 709 were unaccompanied young adults · 979 were family households · 1,066 experienced chronic homelessness We can and must do better. We should not continue to take on more refugees until we ensure we take care of Americans living on the streets. Minnesota is already doing its part in taking in legal refugees, with the highest number of refugees per capita nationwide (according to the U.S. Census and refugee-support agencies). Veterans We owe a debt of gratitude to all Americans who served in the US Armed Forces for their selfless service to our country. Over the years, I have dedicated as much time as possible volunteering in various efforts to support the veterans in our state. During that time, I realized that the veterans in Minnesota are in dire need of support. Some veterans are homeless, without food, and proper medical treatment. I firmly believe that our veterans deserve our continued support and that additional funding should be allocated for them. It saddens me to think that Ilhan Omar has wholly ignored our veterans in favor of illegal immigrants. Care for our nation's veterans is a concern near and dear to my heart. To the military and veterans: I am here for you. I will never forget. Healthcare I highly support proper legislation that helps assist with providing healthcare for all. I’m also pragmatic and understand that providing free healthcare for over 350 million Americans is not fiscally possible. With that, I have no intention of supporting any action that takes away existing healthcare. However, we have failed our veterans, and more needs to be done, especially regarding behavioral health and PTSD. Minnesotans also deserve a representative that focuses on healthcare for them, not illegal immigrants. Healthcare reform is a marathon, not a sprint. All Americans should have affordable access to healthcare and prescriptions, but not at the cost of bankrupting our nation. Though I support a smaller federal government, I believe one of the primary responsibilities of the federal government is to protect its citizens. It is time members of Congress work for the people they were voted to represent, not pharmaceutical companies. I intend to serve the best interest of the citizens of Minnesota and the nation, not lobbying firms and the companies that hire them. We must and can do better. Immigration Legal immigration help build the foundation of our great nation. I, like most Republicans, support legal immigration. I do not support illegal immigration. I believe in the laws of the land, authored and enacted by Congress. I believe that immigrants that are in the country legally, working hard to become legal citizens, deserve their spot in line. They should be our focus. Congress should not focus on protecting and funding illegal immigrants. An American Enterprise Institute adjunct scholar, Chris Conover, conducted data analysis and concluded that “all told, Americans cross-subsidize health care for unauthorized immigrants to the tune of $18.5 billion a year.” The Federation for American Immigration Reform study conducted in 2017 found that illegal immigrants receive taxpayer benefits topping $116 billion annually. Total taxes paid to the federal government by illegal immigrants totaled brings the final taxpayer cost of supporting illegal immigrants just over $100 billion. The comparison of the expenses for the support for the veterans who served our nation against those who illegally enter our country is staggering. I believe the taxpayer cost of illegal immigration is better allocated to programs that support Americans who are homeless, better securing our schools, veterans, subsiding health costs, and countless other programs directly supporting legal citizens of our country. Do not be fooled. Democrats and Republicans were bipartisan on this issue for decades. Both voted and agreed upon better securing our borders, building walls/fencing is areas in need, and supporting the great members of our Border Patrol and Homeland Security. For Democrats today, their agenda and platform are purely being anti-Trump, gaining and retaining power, and nothing more. Every potential refugee and legal immigrant deserves the opportunity to migrate to our Republic, making us that much stronger. Allowing illegal immigrants to circumvent the immigration system directly and negatively impacts legal immigrants appropriately waiting in line to become U.S. citizens. Weakening our border defenses enables an increase of drugs, crime, gangs, and human trafficking into the U.S. Ilhan Omar wants to eliminate ICE and defund the Department of Homeland Security. She supports illegal immigration, weakening our nation’s border and sovereignty, and placing Americans in further danger. Additional Issues and Stances Pending

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